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New Padel contest to launch in Madrid

16 Nov 2023

New Padel contest to launch in Madrid

New Padel Contest

The world of padel welcomes a fascinating new padel contest Hexagon Cup.

The HexagonCup is formed as an homage to Padel in an innovative format, with the finest players fighting in international Teams for unheard-of prize money. Six teams of six players each, divided into three unique pairs: one male, one female, and one junior.

To that aim, it has devised a completely new structure in which the best male, female, and next-generation talent will be given equal opportunity for success in a world-class athletic and hospitality environment.

Paquito Navarro (ESP) and Alejandra Salazar (ESP) are the first confirmed players to join this new padel contest. The duo joins the event's first announced Hexagon Cup team, for which fans will play an important part in picking the remaining players.

The tournament has revealed a one-million-euro prize money, with equal distribution to male and female participants assured. an element completes the Hexagon Cup's novel equality-based athletic concept. The world's finest male, female, and 'Next Gen' players will participate in a yearly team tournament unlike any other.

The first formal presentation of the Hexagon Cup was an amazing milestone in the world of padel today. The newcomer to the sport debuted in the Palacio de Cibeles with the assistance of Madrid Mayor José Luis Martnez-Almeida, and showcased celebrity athletes.

The new padel contast Hexagon Cup, which will be held at the Madrid Arena from January 31 to February 4, 2024, is an annual and global padel exhibition in which the world's top male, female, and 'next gen' players will compete in teams for a one million euro prize fund.

This creative concept, with the tagline "For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game," will bring together athletes and major figures from worldwide sports and entertainment to create a really thrilling new team competition and fan experience.

The formal presentation of this milestone in the sports calendar will take place in Madrid next month in September, at an event in which full specifics of the tournament, such as the first teams and players who will participate in the Hexagon Cup padel contest, will be disclosed.

Padel is quickly becoming a global sporting phenomenon, and the new padel contest The Hexagon Cup aims to celebrate it and help it reach new heights. "Everyone is welcome, from padel fans to players and anyone who loves to celebrate and enjoy a big show experience," says Carlos Almazan, famed Spanish padel player and Hexagon Cup General Manager.

Padel has undergone unprecedented development in recent years, propelling it to become one of the world's fastest growing and most interesting new sports offerings, with Argentina, Spain, Mexico, France, Sweden, and the Middle East all leading the way.

Since 2013, the number of federated players in Spain has more than quadrupled, and around 2,000 new padel clubs were established last year.

In addition, 8,200 new padel courts were created in 2022, with growth plans aiming to reach 85,000 courts by 2026, more than doubling the existing level.
According to studies such as the Global Padel Report 2023, the padel industry will reach 6,000 million euros in 2026.

Padel contest Hexagon Cup Information

The Hexagon Cup is padel's first World Cup for teams. With the slogan “For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game”, this innovative padel contest is born with the objective of offering a fresh and disruptive method, as well as the strong goal of revolutionizing the paddle rackets sport.

To that purpose, it has devised a completely new concept in which six teams of three pairings each (one male, one female, and one made up of future stars) will battle to win.