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The 7 Most Amazing Padel Courts In The World

22 Nov 2023

The 7 Most Amazing Padel Courts In The World

Best padel courts in the world!

To be able to play on any of the best padel courts in the world is a desire shared by padel fans all around the world.

In addition to fantastic Ubud Padel Clubs on the Island of Gods, Bali, Indonesia, we look at the greatest spots to play the beautiful game, from mountain tops to Mediterranean shores, and even a padel court on a private island.

If you are one of the fortunate few who have the opportunity to play on these courts, we are envious.
But we digress, so here we go, in no particular order:

1. Kuredu Resort and Spa, Maldives

This stunning padel court in the Maldives is a padel player's paradise.

While the court itself is rather ordinary, with plain clay walls, a sanded surface, and modest floodlights in each corner, you haven't come for the court...

It's all about the views and the beautiful beach!

2. Fairmont Windsor Park Luxury Hotel, United Kingdom

A padel court that epitomizes elegance and sports brilliance can be found within the privileged enclave of the Fairmont Windsor Park in the United Kingdom.

This court combines the beauty of the Fairmont brand with the high-energy dynamics of padel, providing an unmatched playing experience for those who are fortunate enough to participate.

3. Padel tennis Club in Vence, France

Tennis Padel Vence's padel courts, tucked away in the magnificent surroundings of Vence, France, draw fans to a refuge of sports skill and natural beauty.

This facility exemplifies France's rising interest in padel, providing players with an exquisite location in which to improve their talents.

The courts, which have been beautifully built to complement the neighboring Provençal beauty, provide a vibrant canvas for both competitive matches and convivial rallies.

Players will be engaged in a sublime experience that transcends beyond the game as the sun spreads its golden glory over the courts and a soft wind rustle through the neighboring vegetation.

4. COMO Castello Del Nero Hotel, Italy

One of the best padel courts in the world is nestled inside the sumptuous embrace of COMO Castello Del Nero in Tuscany, Italy, which beautifully mixes the elegance of this ancient estate with the adrenaline of the sport.

This court exemplifies COMO's commitment to elegance and wellness, providing a calm but exhilarating environment for both seasoned players and newbies to enjoy the thrill of padel.

The court, surrounded by the rolling vineyards and stunning surroundings that define Tuscany, provides not only a platform for intense matches but also a peaceful respite.

5. Padel court in St Mortiz, Switzerland

As the highest altitude court in Europe, the padel court in St. Moritz, Switzerland, offers a one-of-a-kind experience amidst the spectacular alpine magnificence.

Players compete in fierce matches against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and beautiful environment, blending rivalry with the invigorating mountain air, making it one of the best padel courts in the world!

The St. Moritz padel court not only meets the desires of ardent players, but it also takes the sport to a greater level of refinement, capturing the spirit of the resort itself - making it genuinely one of the best available.

It serves as a meeting place for both physical endeavors and appreciation of the exceptional beauty that has made St. Moritz one of the best padel courts in the world.

6. Assago Padel Tennis Club, Italy

The Padel Tennis Club Assago, located in the centre of Italy's lively sporting culture, features padel courts that symbolize the country's enthusiasm for both sports and community.

This club serves as a gathering place for players of all skill levels to enjoy the dynamic and social features of padel.

Athletes compete in fast-paced contests surrounded by stunning reflected glass buildings on perfectly kept courts that symbolise Italy's passion to excellence.

Definitely one of the best padel courts in the world...

7. The Lago, Quinta do Lago's Campus, Portugal

The Campus's padel courts are a testimony to elegance, sportsmanship, and ingenuity.

These courts complement the resort's dedication to delivering world-class amenities in a breathtaking natural environment.
The Campus provides an enhanced padel experience, allowing players to enjoy exhilarating matches against a magnificent setting... one of the best padel courts in the world to play!

Velaa Private Island is an added bonus to these best padel courts in the world.

8. Private Island Velaa, Maldives

The Velaa Private Island has a turquoise water and a beautiful white beach where you may unwind after your hard-fought races.
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